Free BSD cannot find SBPCD for Panasonic CDROM drive. It can't find the CDROM!

MyRealBox onederer at
Tue Apr 22 03:38:00 PDT 2003

And also it cannot find the two nic cards for networking, installed in that machine.  So I can't get on the internet to install that way.
I want to install FreeBSD in that Compaq i486DX2 machine.  One of the nic cards is a Linksys 16 bit networking card.  Generic NE2000 (not pci), and the other is a Netgear 16 bit neworking card (not pci).  The cdrom drive plugs into the sound card, and needs the SBPCD driver to operate the CD player.  I have no idea if FreeBSD has or uses this driver.

Has anyone in your group done this?  I would like to keep on using this machine since it is built like a tank, and has run all these years, for weeks at a time, without any breakdown.  It still has a lot of life left in it.

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