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On Sat, 19 Apr 2003 09:36:30 -0500, Mike Meyer <mwm-dated- 
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> In <20030419130934.GA3522 at lothlorien.nagual.st>, dick hoogendijk 
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>> I've two harddisks. On the first is win-XP on the second FreeBSD-4.8.
>> Both drives have a MBR made by boot0cfg. That's not as convenient as it
>> could (should) be. It would be nicer to have FreeBSD (on the second
>> harddisk) booted from within the XP-bootmenu. Can anybody explain what I
>> have to do to get the right "file" which I can put into the XP-bootmenu?
> I misread the problem, and answered the wrong one. I'll leave that
> here anyway. To get things to boot with just one level of menu, you
> need to install a standard MBR on disk 1. Doing "fdisk -B /dev/ad1" in
> FreeBSD should do it.
> I can't help with getting FreeBSD to boot from the XP boot menu. I've
> seen instructions for doing it with the NT boot menu. You might try
> googling for "FreeBSD XP NT boot" to see if you can turn those up.
> Personally, I use grub on my multi-boot systems. I'd be happy to help
> you get that set up to multiboot if you don't want to use the the
> FreeBSD boot loader.

This is as good a place as any to note that the FAQ language re using the 
Win bootloader when FreeBSD and NT/2K/XP are on different disks has always 
been unclear to me, sufficiently so that I haven't tried it:

"If FreeBSD is installed on the same disk as the NT boot partition simply 
copy /boot/boot1 to C:\BOOTSECT.BSD However, if FreeBSD is installed on a 
different disk /boot/boot1 will not work, /boot/boot0 is needed.

"Warning: DO NOT SIMPLY COPY /boot/boot0 INSTEAD OF /boot/boot1, YOU WILL 
/boot/boot0 needs to be installed using sysinstall by selecting the FreeBSD 
boot manager on the screen which asks if you wish to use a boot manager. 
This is because /boot/boot0 has the partition table area filled with NULL 
characters but sysinstall copies the partition table before copying 
/boot/boot0 to the MBR.

"When the FreeBSD boot manager runs it records the last OS booted by 
setting the active flag on the partition table entry for that OS and then 
writes the whole 512-bytes of itself back to the MBR so if you just copy 
/boot/boot0 to C:\BOOTSECT.BSD then it writes an empty partition table, 
with the active flag set on one entry, to the MBR."

I've done a workaround instead: install FreeBSD so the root partition is on 
the same disk as Windows, and use the boot1=BOOTSECT.BSD method.  But I 
certainly wouldn't mind a clearer explanation of how to use the NT/2K/XP 
bootloader when the FreeBSD slice is entirely on a separate disk from 
Windows.  "Clearer" to me means, once boot0 is installed using sysinstall 
(to both disks or one?), what goes in the the Win bootloader to boot 
FreeBSD?  Or does the Win bootloader Just Work(tm) at that point?


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