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Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1051194990.de3738 at mired.org
Sat Apr 19 07:36:32 PDT 2003

In <20030419130934.GA3522 at lothlorien.nagual.st>, dick hoogendijk <dick at nagual.st> typed:
> I've two harddisks. On the first is win-XP on the second FreeBSD-4.8.
> Both drives have a MBR made by boot0cfg. That's not as convenient as it
> could (should) be. It would be nicer to have FreeBSD (on the second
> harddisk) booted from within the XP-bootmenu. Can anybody explain what I
> have to do to get the right "file" which I can put into the XP-bootmenu?

I misread the problem, and answered the wrong one. I'll leave that
here anyway. To get things to boot with just one level of menu, you
need to install a standard MBR on disk 1. Doing "fdisk -B /dev/ad1" in
FreeBSD should do it.

I can't help with getting FreeBSD to boot from the XP boot menu. I've
seen instructions for doing it with the NT boot menu. You might try
googling for "FreeBSD XP NT boot" to see if you can turn those up.

Personally, I use grub on my multi-boot systems. I'd be happy to help
you get that set up to multiboot if you don't want to use the the
FreeBSD boot loader.

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