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Sperry Russ sperry at
Mon Apr 14 18:36:42 PDT 2003

Thanks for the help.  That fixed it.

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On 04/14/2003 at 4:30 PM Jud wrote:
>What you did was to set the FreeBSD installation not to modify the MBR
>(master boot record). There's no entry in the MBR (or, in the case of
>BootIt, the EMBR) to tell BootIt "Here's the bootable partition for
>FreeBSD!" Go back to the point in the install where you choose what to
>do with the MBR and choose the "normal" MBR entry. BootIt should then
>automagically detect the MBR entry for FreeBSD; you may (or may not) have
>to do a bit of editing in the boot menu.

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