kde3.1.1 on fbsd4.8

Willie Viljoen will at unfoldings.net
Sat Apr 12 03:29:26 PDT 2003

On Saturday 12 April 2003 12:17, someone, possibly Dick Hoogendijk, typed:
> In other words: what is the best approach to update X, QT and KDE after
> my upping 4.7r to 4.8 ??

The best way I have found to do this is to upgrade everything depending on 
XFree86-libraries, and everything that XFree86-libraries depends on. That 
way, you know anything running in X, including X itself, gets upgraded. 
This will also upgrade Qt and KDE.

To do this:

portupgrade -rR XFree86-libraries

Be prepared to wait a long time.

If you have a really fast connection, a fast CPU for compiling, and lots of 
disk space, and, you are insane, you can also upgrade your *ENTIRE* system 

portupgrade -arR

Go on holiday after issuing this command.


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