question about freebsd install

John Murphy jfm at
Thu Apr 10 16:37:23 PDT 2003

"bert01" <bert-vde at> wrote:

>I'm installing freebsd 5.0 from the boot discs... Everything goed fine,
>but my network card 's driver is not attached, now I have a disc with my
>network card and on that disc there's a map "freebsd" in that map There are 3 files: 
>-> they are attached to this email
>Now how can I make my ethernet work so I can install freebsd with ftp?

There's no indication of the FreeBSD version in readme.txt but the kernel
compile method looks more suited to FreeBSD-4.*.

You will need to choose a different install method

Or use a different network card for the install at least.

When the OS is up and running follow the instructions in readme.txt except:
Copy GENERIC to MYKERNEL and then edit MYKERNEL.  Always best to have an
original GENERIC around.


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