FreeBSD Port/Distribution Installation

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Mon Apr 7 14:07:50 PDT 2003

On 2003-04-07 23:00, Sukhbinder Singh <sukhbinders at> wrote:
> I downloaded the port, packages and the distributions that I needed.
> However, I am unable to run these packages. Like for instances, I want
> to run the X - Windows environment. I am unable to run it.

What files did you download?  Where did you download them from?

> I went to the specific directory for example the XFree86 - 4 directory
> and typed "make && make install clean" at the command prompt but
> however I am unable to get the X - windows environment running.

> I do not know how to use the "pkg_add" command. In other words I
> cannot get the programs, ports, distributions or the packages running
> which I had already downloaded. Any help will be helpful.

You have obviously misunderstood some of the directions.  Please, read
the chapter "Installing Applications: Packages and Ports" of the FreeBSD
Handbook.  You can find the entire FreeBSD Handbook at:

and the chapter that explains ports vs. packages at:

After you read that chapter, and any other parts of the Handbook that
you think are useful for you, let us know if installation of programs
works for you or what part of the instructions seems confusing, lacking
in detail, etc.

- Giorgos

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