SSH failing randomly in 4.7-REL (SOLVED)

J. Seth Henry jshamlet at
Fri Apr 4 10:17:48 PST 2003

It turned out to be a problem with dhclient. It wanted to write to
/etc/resolv.conf which was on a read-only file system at the time.
Eventually, it crashed out - perhaps trashing the interface configuration
on its way down.

I moved resolv.conf to /usr/local/etc and symlinked it in /etc - and the
problem appears to be resolved. I haven't seen any other strange network
related problems since.

Seth Henry

BTW - the Linksys USB100TX uses the aue driver.

Seth Henry

On Fri, 4 Apr 2003, Toomas Aas wrote:

> Hi!
> > All of these machines have identical hardware. They use Linksys USB100TX
> > USB network interfaces, and are on a 100Mb ethernet segment. The machines
> > themselves are AMD K6-2+ systems, with 32Mb of RAM. The boot volume is a
> > 16Mb sandisk, and they mount everything but /etc, /dev, and /boot from a
> > microdrive.
> I don't have any experience at all with USB Ethernet devices or DHCP so I
> apologize in advance if my comments are totally irrelevant.
> What driver are these Linksys devices using? Is it dc? I've seen a lot
> of messages in the list about some problem with Linksys NICs using dc
> driver, where the MAC address is incorrectly set as 08:00:08:00:08:00.
> If there are multiple devices with identical MAC addresses on the same wire,
> then there can certainly be strange networking issues.
> Another thing that can cause the "host is not on local network" message
> might be an incorrectly set netmask.
> ifconfig output from some of these machines would be interesting.
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