SSH failing randomly in 4.7-REL

Toomas Aas toomas.aas at
Fri Apr 4 09:34:21 PST 2003


> All of these machines have identical hardware. They use Linksys USB100TX
> USB network interfaces, and are on a 100Mb ethernet segment. The machines
> themselves are AMD K6-2+ systems, with 32Mb of RAM. The boot volume is a
> 16Mb sandisk, and they mount everything but /etc, /dev, and /boot from a
> microdrive.

I don't have any experience at all with USB Ethernet devices or DHCP so I
apologize in advance if my comments are totally irrelevant.

What driver are these Linksys devices using? Is it dc? I've seen a lot
of messages in the list about some problem with Linksys NICs using dc
driver, where the MAC address is incorrectly set as 08:00:08:00:08:00.
If there are multiple devices with identical MAC addresses on the same wire,
then there can certainly be strange networking issues.

Another thing that can cause the "host is not on local network" message
might be an incorrectly set netmask.

ifconfig output from some of these machines would be interesting.
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