cvs source questions

Curt Grimley Curt_Grimley at
Wed Apr 2 10:46:19 PST 2003

Hi,  I'm new to FreeBSD and enjoying it... I used an off-the-shelf 4.6
release to get started, and then decided to cvsup and get up to stable.

I only have dialup service, so seeing a copy of the "CVS Repository" on disk
#2, I followed the instructions there to populate the cvs source
directories... there were tar files that dropped in a lot of ",v" files. (No
actual source apparently.)

cvsup ran fine and source was brought in, but then I had multiple troubles
with the build in that these ",v" files got in the way again and again.

I found a post somewhere of someone saying "why are there ,v files in your
source tree?". So after yanking these and starting over, everything worked

Q1 - Do I need the ,v files for anything? I presume they're version control
related, but are they needed at the end-user system for cvsup-ing?

Q2 - What about all these "Attic" directories - are these normally present
in /src/ or are they unnecessary?

Q3 - There's a CVSROOT directory also - is that important?

(Or maybe you know of a document that explains these cvs mysteries - I can't
seem to find one.)

Thanks much,
Curt Grimley

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