Crucial USB CompactFlash reader and 4.6.2?

Dan Pelleg daniel+bsd at
Wed Apr 2 12:01:58 PST 2003

David Gerard <fun at> writes:

> Just got a Crucial USB CompactFlash reader. I plugged the CF card into it,
> plugged the cable into the reader, and tried to mount it:
> $ sudo mount -t msdos /dev/da0s1 /mnt
> Password:
> msdos: /dev/da0s1: Device not configured
> dmesg gives me this:
> umass0: USB Mass Storage, rev 1.10/1.13, addr 3
> umass0: Get Max Lun not supported (STALLED)
> umass0: BBB reset failed, IOERROR
> umass0: BBB bulk-in clear stall failed, IOERROR
> umass0: BBB bulk-out clear stall failed, IOERROR

I've had good luck with adding a QUIRK for my non-working CF readers. This
requires light kernel hacking. See:

My advice is to try DA_Q_NO_6_BYTE.

If it works for you, submit a PR (assuming it wasn't already done - it's
been a long time since 4.6.2...)


  Dan Pelleg

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