please fix the pkg downloads system

Jeffrey Bouquet jeffreybouquet at
Wed Feb 8 18:15:37 UTC 2017

On 02/ 8/17 08:06 AM, Julian Elischer wrote:
> please work on having the "Latest" image in a directory that has the 
> cvs revision number in its name
> and make the current names just be links to there.
> I ONCE AGAIN (for the third time) got half of one release (432891) and 
> half of another (433120) because the newest snapshot of the pkgs was 
> replaced half way through my process of downloading a large set of 
> packages.  Then a couple of days later I managed to get all the files 
> of 433274, but by the time I got to downloading the metadata it was 
> changed to the next snapshot (433341), making my mirror pointless. 
> (unless there is a script I can run to regenerate the metadata from 
> the actual files. (I'm guessing there is).
> Please consider keeping two copies, at any time. this measn that 
> someonewho starts copying the latest set has at least a couple of days 
> to get it.
> So FreeBSD would be a 
> link to the latest but someone who followed the link 20 minutes 
> earlier and was copying files would keep getting a consistent set.
> the actual backing set would be called
> something like:
> FreeBSD-pkg/head/r433274/FreeBSD:10:amd64/All
> and the next would be:
> FreeBSD-pkg/head/r433341/FreeBSD:10:amd64/All
> then
> FreeBSD-pkg/head/r433529/FreeBSD:10:amd64/All
> etc. (real snapshot numbers)
> but
> would always point to 
> the latest one.
> this would ensure that I don't keep getting HALF A RELEASE!
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and include a /usr/src/USING_PKG to put methodologies,
how to get sets for supported versions,
for CURRENT if available,
migration methods,
reinstall methods,
across-version upgrade CLI,
formats for each of the three files (three or more)
FreeBSD.conf and pkg.conf,
their precedence,
cli for sqlite3> fixing or altering of metadata,
etc etc
I've a v12-CURRENT and a v11-CURRENT, the former suddenly has
between feb 04 feb 06 all except ONE of its browsers
qupzilla "cant load"... etc for ALL tested url
seamonkey segfault
firefox   cannot accept 2 as input Anywhere
qupzilla-qt4 bus error
vs opera, which TLS - hardened cannot see
and am in the process of for the first time since 2004
having to *maybe* reinstall or redo /usr/local,  due to pkg not being able
to have a v12 repository and/or a hosed set of libraries
for seamonkey

and it means about a months of downtime, relative to how efficiently
I used the desktop previously...

Not wishing to come across as complaining.  Newbie still in many ways.

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