please fix the pkg downloads system

Russell L. Carter rcarter at
Wed Feb 8 17:16:46 UTC 2017

On 02/08/17 09:06, Julian Elischer wrote:
> please work on having the "Latest" image in a directory that has the cvs
> revision number in its name
> and make the current names just be links to there.
> I ONCE AGAIN (for the third time) got half of one release (432891) and
> half of another (433120) because the newest snapshot of the pkgs was
> replaced half way through my process of downloading a large set of
> packages.  Then a couple of days later I managed to get all the files of
> 433274, but by the time I got to downloading the metadata it was changed
> to the next snapshot (433341), making my mirror pointless. (unless there
> is a script I can run to regenerate the metadata from the actual files.
> (I'm guessing there is).

I must be missing something.  For that I am sorry.  But...  if I was
confronted with this problem I would just say f*ck it, I'll use
poudriere.  I think you've mentioned you've got a package set of
something less than 400 packages.  I use an 8 core AMD cpu + a big ssd
+ 32G of memory (~$500) to maintain nightly updates of an ~1300
package set.  It's efficient enough that I can usually drop a new port
into my ports file and run a bulk build that completes anywhere from a
couple of minutes to less than an hour.  (Though sometimes that
stretches out to 6 hrs or more) With not very much capital in disk you
could maintain as many sets of packages as you cared, with varying svn
revisions, local options, local branches, etc.  I know if my job
depended on "reproducible" package sets that would be the only
technique I trusted.


> Please consider keeping two copies, at any time. this measn that
> someonewho starts copying the latest set has at least a couple of days
> to get it.
> So FreeBSD would be a
> link to the latest but someone who followed the link 20 minutes earlier
> and was copying files would keep getting a consistent set.
> the actual backing set would be called
> something like:
> FreeBSD-pkg/head/r433274/FreeBSD:10:amd64/All
> and the next would be:
> FreeBSD-pkg/head/r433341/FreeBSD:10:amd64/All
> then
> FreeBSD-pkg/head/r433529/FreeBSD:10:amd64/All
> etc. (real snapshot numbers)
> but
> would always point to
> the latest one.
> this would ensure that I don't keep getting HALF A RELEASE!
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