qupzilla, etc. bus error at FreeBSD-current (was: Re: please fix the pkg downloads system)

Boris Samorodov bsam at passap.ru
Wed Feb 8 22:25:29 UTC 2017

08.02.2017 20:20, Jeffrey Bouquet via freebsd-ports пишет:

> qupzilla-qt4 bus error

As for this particular error. I have seen those at FreeBSD-12
with qupzilla, otter browser, diligent and some other applications.
All of them are regularly updated from the official repository.

And only if I 'pkg remove' openssl package all applications
work fine (guess with base openssl?).

WBR, Boris Samorodov (bsam)
FreeBSD Committer, http://www.FreeBSD.org The Power To Serve

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