Future of pecl ports

Martin Waschbüsch martin at waschbuesch.de
Tue Mar 22 00:09:57 UTC 2016

> Am 14.03.2016 um 11:37 schrieb Gasol Wu <gasol.wu at gmail.com>:
> Hi miwi,
> First of all, I'm appreciated for your PHP support in FreeBSD.
> I have received many outdated notices regarding the PECL ports from
> portscout because I'm the maintainer.
> I saw the same problem here when I start to packaging, So I'm so happy
> to see this discussion here.
> IMHO, I will vote option (c). Here is my thought.
> 1. Explicit is better than implicit
> 2. It will be bad if we upgrade ports without changing port name,
> especially they have BC problems.
> 3. I would like to see official support for installing different
> version of PHP in same FreeBSD box
>    without using 3rd-party tools like phpbrew or phpenv.
>    Imagine that we have /usr/local/bin/{php55,php56,php70} respectively
Totally agree.
If this is where we're headed, I'd like to pitch in and help make #3 happen.


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