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Kubilay Kocak koobs at
Sat Jul 9 11:30:13 UTC 2016

On 28/06/2016 4:06 AM, Russell Haley wrote:
> Hello Ports Team,
> A couple of us on the freebsd-mono@ mailing list are having a
> discussion on how best to maintain the mono ports/.net ports. One of
> the things that has come up is maintaining the patches for "all this
> stuff". The current paradigm in FreeBSD as I understand it is to use
> the files directory and apply the patches to the port via svn/ports
> tree. However, with the ubiquity of GitHub in opensource, it now seems
> to be feesable to simply create a Github accound to maintain a bunch
> of forked repositories (which is essentially a patched git
> repository!). This makes it easier to create and apply patches and
> gives us the natural path to push things back upstream. In the end, we
> would just pull from the FreeBSD specific repository, which is no
> different than, say, pulling from the mono project directly.
> This email is a request for response from anyone on the ports team (or
> FreeBSD general) to give some input as to the acceptability of this
> solution, as well as any "gotchas" we haven't thought of yet. Thanks
> in advance!
> Russ

Hi Russ,

If all the things can't eventually end up upstream, and even if they
ultimately could, there's no issues with your own github repository to
maintain a 'freebsd branch'.

We have other teams/projects doing just that, such as
freebsd-ports-gnome, freebsd-ports-graphics among others.

I'll go one beyond that and say I'd (as a part of Git Admin) be happy to
create a repository under the official freebsd organisation for you,
perhaps named "freebsd-ports-mon"o or similar, with the members of 'team
mono' added as writers.

Hit me up off-list (cc git-admin@) to discuss further


Git Admin

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