Maintaining mono/.net

Russell Haley russ.haley at
Mon Jul 11 05:42:53 UTC 2016

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for your input. I'm really glad to have these
discussions. Romain, your "2 cents" are very insiteful and already
within days the repositories I cloned were outdated. I can see the
limits of the tools much as you have described them.

So, I have gone back and asked myself, "what the hell is it you are
trying to do?" The answer is not "maintain repositories". The answer
is "bring together a community that cares about FreeBSD where people
with mono/.net skills to contribute". The mono stack was outdated
until a few hours ago, (awesome job Romain, can't wait to test your
patches) and there was no clear documentation on what needs to happen
and who is participating.

These discussions seem to have pushed things in the right direction
regardless of the FreeBSD-DotNet github project. Romain has already
patched fsharp (I just did that last night), mono and some others.
FreeBSD doesn't accept Github Pull Requests so the ports patches need
to be pushed through Bugzilla and/or Phabricator in the end anyway.

We can do all of this in svn, bugzilla and phabricator (and thanks for
the offer koobs!). I hope that all our patches wind up upstream. In
fact, I would prefer all of that.  However, GitHub is the
tool-of-the-day and there are some primitive tools to manage these
things. Moreover, I don't have to ask anyones permission.

SO, the FreeBSD-DotNet project is about community. I have created a
developers wiki here:

There is not much in it yet, but by the end of the week I will have
some process around issues and whatnot as these are the tools

If you want to show your support for Mono and Dot-Net on FreeBSD via
GitHub, feel free to send me a request and become a member. I hope
that members will help keep the issues updated so there is a place we
can see what is happening. As members we can push patches to a
community location, or not as the individual so chooses. BUT if we can
track issues, put together better documentation, share patches, and
improve the quality of DotNet through community, then I think that's a
good thing.

Ivan has some patches as well and I'll get those up there asap. Ivan,
if you have some ideas for GH process you want to see, then now is the
time to voice that.

In the end, if the site is not helpful, then so be it. But lets give
it a shot, shall we?


On Sat, Jul 9, 2016 at 4:30 AM, Kubilay Kocak <koobs at> wrote:
> On 28/06/2016 4:06 AM, Russell Haley wrote:
>> Hello Ports Team,
>> A couple of us on the freebsd-mono@ mailing list are having a
>> discussion on how best to maintain the mono ports/.net ports. One of
>> the things that has come up is maintaining the patches for "all this
>> stuff". The current paradigm in FreeBSD as I understand it is to use
>> the files directory and apply the patches to the port via svn/ports
>> tree. However, with the ubiquity of GitHub in opensource, it now seems
>> to be feesable to simply create a Github accound to maintain a bunch
>> of forked repositories (which is essentially a patched git
>> repository!). This makes it easier to create and apply patches and
>> gives us the natural path to push things back upstream. In the end, we
>> would just pull from the FreeBSD specific repository, which is no
>> different than, say, pulling from the mono project directly.
>> This email is a request for response from anyone on the ports team (or
>> FreeBSD general) to give some input as to the acceptability of this
>> solution, as well as any "gotchas" we haven't thought of yet. Thanks
>> in advance!
>> Russ
> Hi Russ,
> If all the things can't eventually end up upstream, and even if they
> ultimately could, there's no issues with your own github repository to
> maintain a 'freebsd branch'.
> We have other teams/projects doing just that, such as
> freebsd-ports-gnome, freebsd-ports-graphics among others.
> I'll go one beyond that and say I'd (as a part of Git Admin) be happy to
> create a repository under the official freebsd organisation for you,
> perhaps named "freebsd-ports-mon"o or similar, with the members of 'team
> mono' added as writers.
> Hit me up off-list (cc git-admin@) to discuss further
> --
> Regards,
> Kubilay
> Git Admin

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