Samba43 install error

Gerard Seibert carmel_ny at
Wed Dec 28 13:33:41 UTC 2016

FreeBSD 11.0

I am unable to update samba43. The following error message is displayed:

samba43-4.3.13 cannot install: SASL support requested and
openldap-client-2.4.44  is installed.
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/ports/net/samba43

I am using the default port configuration as listed below:

===> The following configuration options are available for samba43-4.3.13:
     ACL_SUPPORT=on: File system ACL support
     ADS=on: Active Directory client support
     AD_DC=on: Active Directory Domain Controller support
     AIO_SUPPORT=on: Asyncronous IO support
     CUPS=off: CUPS printing system support
     DEBUG=on: Build with debugging support
     DEVELOPER=off: With development support
     DNSUPDATE=on: Dynamic DNS update (require ADS)
     DOCS=on: Build and/or install documentation
     EXP_MODULES=off: Experimental modules
     FAM=on: File Alteration Monitor support
     LDAP=on: LDAP client support
     MANPAGES=off: Build manpages from DOCBOOK templates
     PAM_SMBPASS=off: PAM authentication via passdb backends
     PTHREADPOOL=on: Pthread pool
     QUOTAS=on: Disk quota support
     SYSLOG=on: Syslog logging support
     UTMP=on: UTMP accounting support
====> Options available for the radio DNS: you can only select none or one of them
     NSUPDATE=off: Use samba NSUPDATE utility for AD DC
     BIND99=off: Use bind99 as AD DC DNS server frontend
     BIND910=off: Use bind910 as AD DC DNS server frontend
====> Options available for the radio ZEROCONF: you can only select none or one of them
     AVAHI=off: Zeroconf support via Avahi
     MDNSRESPONDER=off: Zeroconf support via mDNSResponder

I turned of LDAP in the config file; however, the problem still exists.

I do not understand why this is happening. Does anyone have a work-around for this or should I file a PR?


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