The ports collection has some serious issues

John Marino at
Sun Dec 18 14:05:43 UTC 2016

David wrote
> On 12/16/2016 04:06 PM, John Marino wrote:
>> Starting with a clean system:
>> 1) install synth from binary package from official freebsd builder (a
>> single package)
> What about just building synth from ports? Then the OP have everything
> built from ports.
> --
> David

In the example, the system is *clean*.  If you build from ports you 
immediately litter it with installed build dependencies.

The "real" process is just use the binary package that FreeBSD provides. 
  I was showing how to bootstrap it cleanly and the target audience is 
those that insist they were the ones to build it (which I assume is a 
small percentage of the overall audience).  There is zero advantage to 
building it yourself.

The other reasons is that all the build dependencies get generated as 
packages in a synth directory, so by avoiding Synth temporarily has the 
cost of having to potentially rebuild them all again later for other 
packages or rebuilding a new version of synth.  So it avoids unnecessary 
repeat work as well.


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