ZFS 9.2/9.3 oh so broken...

Chad J. Milios milios at ccsys.com
Sat Sep 19 04:21:21 UTC 2015

> 9.x is really quite old I'd strongly advise you move to 10.2 as it includes a lot of fixes and enhancements to many areas including ZFS.

9.3 isn't that old and as far as I'm concerned 10.x is still today unfortunately causing more problems than it's fixed. That's just my opinion though. I'm an old coot with a fear of the cutting edge. I'll be bringing up the rear clutching onto my legacy OS, thank you very much. Don't push me. "Get off my lawn." I'm not totally alone in this sentiment, am I?

I haven't had a single issue to report with online replacement and resilvering of drives on 9.0-9.3 and I've probably swapped about 20 failed drives using ZFS across 9.x versions. Yes, I've had a second drive fail while resilvering a disk in a raidz2. I haven't used any hardware RAID controllers in conjunction with FreeBSD for about 5 years now and at first glance it looked to me like the OP might have been. (Sorry I didn't look at it in detail, I'm on my phone and pastedumps hurt my eyes.)

Sorry to spam the list, I realize this is not the place for either topic.

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