ZFS 9.2/9.3 oh so broken...

Michelle Sullivan michelle at sorbs.net
Sat Sep 19 08:33:34 UTC 2015

Chad J. Milios wrote:
>> 9.x is really quite old I'd strongly advise you move to 10.2 as it includes a lot of fixes and enhancements to many areas including ZFS.

I *cannot* move to 10.x too many things break (none of my test servers
are currently operational, mostly through ports issues, but not only)
> 9.3 isn't that old and as far as I'm concerned 10.x is still today unfortunately causing more problems than it's fixed. That's just my opinion though. I'm an old coot with a fear of the cutting edge. I'll be bringing up the rear clutching onto my legacy OS, thank you very much. Don't push me. "Get off my lawn." I'm not totally alone in this sentiment, am I?

No you're not alone.

> I haven't had a single issue to report with online replacement and resilvering of drives on 9.0-9.3 and I've probably swapped about 20 failed drives using ZFS across 9.x versions. 

I've had several issues - though some have been my own making, it's been
mostly stable.... and this drive failure was the worst (one drive
failed, the bus reset took out another (which came back online after a
kick) and then a third reset itself offline and killed the pool half way
through the resilver...  I kicked it back online, lost 2 files, which
then returned when the resilver got to the same point...! 

> Yes, I've had a second drive fail while resilvering a disk in a raidz2. I haven't used any hardware RAID controllers in conjunction with FreeBSD for about 5 years now and at first glance it looked to me like the OP might have been. (Sorry I didn't look at it in detail, I'm on my phone and pastedumps hurt my eyes.)

I am - big mistake... well sorta, have 2 almost identical machines, one
gives trouble the other hasn't missed a beat since it was powered up -
both identical configs the only difference is the usage and the mobo's
... the first was non ECC ram the second is ECC.  The usage difference
is the one with the ECC is the 'backup' (a rsync'd mirror of the first)

... now off to get ready, wish me luck and I'll deal with all of this
when back from honeymoon. ;-)


Michelle Sullivan

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