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Mathieu Arnold mat at
Wed Jun 10 14:37:20 UTC 2015

+--On 9 juin 2015 20:40:05 -0700 Cy Schubert <Cy.Schubert at>
| HI,
| How would one go about cross compiling ports? Specifically I need to run 
| make configure for ntp for each supported architecture. Googling, I found 
| some doc here,
| for-freebsd.html, however it fails because it cannot find crt1.o.
| Is there a way to tell ld(1) where crt1.o is?
| Is there a documented or supported approach to cross-build ports without 
| completely configuring pourdiere for each architecture?

Using poudriere is the documented way, it'll even go and use qemu to make
arm and mips work.

Mathieu Arnold
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