[New Port] Working on Gitlab - Calling for Help and Ideas

Torsten Zuehlsdorff mailinglists at toco-domains.de
Thu Apr 23 15:47:27 UTC 2015

On 23.04.2015 17:11, Chris H wrote:

>> I believe my general purpose question, was not such a good idea. More
>> specific i have a bunch of questions. The installations guide
>> (https://github.com/gitlabhq/gitlab-recipes/blob/master/install/freebsd/freeb
>> sd-10.md)
> Hmm... this is *quite* a large package. With a lot of moving parts.
> I think it even trumps Xorg. While it can be done. I'm not sure this
> is an ideal candidate for a port...
>> defines a number of packages to install. But i don't believe this
>> should  be dependencies.
> Well. After the (your) port has completed install, it should be
> nearly ready to "just work". Reading the article, it indicates all
> of those as dependencies. Are you looking to create a port that is
> a deviation, with a different list of dependencies?

Yes, because i don't think the article is right. logrotate for example. 
There is a configuration shipped with gitlab. But its neither an run nor 
an build-dependency.

Logrotate is a very handy tool, which should be used. But gitlab will 
run without it. But i'm not sure if i should make its installation an 
option or if let the decision completely left. Many programs which 
creates (big) logs (in the long run) don't even mention logrotate.

>> With the following packages i have problems to figure out if they are
>> really needed:
>> - sudo
> sudo, su, gksu, ... -- *something* will be needed. What you choose
> is up to you.

Indeed. The article uses sudo for configuration. But i could not figure 
out, if gitlab itself needs sudo.

I don't know any port which requires sudo for the configuration the 
administrator has to do. But i'm not sure if there is a part of gitlab 
which really needs it. I don't believe it, because the article do not 
mention any configuration of sudo for gitlab.

>> - bash
> Are the scripts that come with your port written for bash(1)? If
> so, it (bash) will need to be installed.

At the moment the are unwritten, but i would aim for sh or tcsh to 
minimize requirements.

>> - postfix
>> - nginx
> All in all, the article seems to provide fairly specific instructions
> for installing, and after fulfilling all the dependencies, the user
> is still left with a substantial amount of configuration to do.
> Are you looking to create those configurations, as well? Even
> if so, much of it must still be performed specifically by, and
> for the end users circumstances.

That is my problem. The article describes installation of different 
software just to get gitlab running. But that is not the purpose of a 
port. Setting up an email server with sql-backend is even more 
configuration and work than the initial work for gitlab.

Also the article takes the user away its decisions. I really love nginx, 
but i could not find any specifics which makes it mandatory. The user 
easily can use apache, yaws or something other.

At the moment i'm having more this kind of questions than the specific 
technical ones. They will follow ;)


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