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Wed Apr 22 22:55:20 UTC 2015

On Wed, 22 Apr 2015 22:52:05 +0200
marekrud at wrote:

> I noticed that it's necessary to match the versions of biblatex and
> biber.  With the up-to-date packages (biblatex v2.8a), I had to
> install biber v1.8 and not the newest one.

That's correct, biblatex and biber versions are strictly paired. You can
find FreeBSD binaries of all past releases here, including 1.8:

> Thank you!  Would it be possible for you to sign the binaries with the
> PGP key (e.g., with the one mentioned below).  The thing is, that I'm
> always a little bit reluctant to run binaries from unofficial
> repositories.  With the veritable signature, we could be assured that
> the file was not tempered by some else.

Well, the above mentioned source is official repository. Anyway: in the
past I used to provide a text file like this on my site:

(cf section "5. RMD160 checksums"). The file is signed (with the key
mentioned below) and contains RMD160 checksums, so anyone can compare
them with what he/she downloaded. If that's ok, I can provide a similar
signed file containing sums of biber binaries.

Glad you find this biber-related work useful.

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