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>> Kurt Jaeger <pi at> writes:
>> > Hi!
>> >
>> >> If the documentation is present texlive-docs, does it mean that
>> >> Biber is missing from one of the texlive packages?
>> >
>> > Probably, yes.
>> >
>> >> Or should it get a port on its own?
>> >
>> > There's an old (2012) discussion at
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > which suggests that this should be done, yes.
>> Thanks for the very useful link!
> Sorry for jumping into the thread so late.

Thanks for your reply!

> The information from that 2012 post is still valid.
> I still regularly build biber for FreeBSD and, as far as I know, I
> am the only person doing that. I've just uploaded the 2.0 binaries:

For the record/reference:

I noticed that it's necessary to match the versions of biblatex and
biber.  With the up-to-date packages (biblatex v2.8a), I had to install
biber v1.8 and not the newest one.

> These portable binaries will be part of upcoming TeX Live 2015.


> Using these binaries remains the only easy way to install biber on
> FreeBSD, unless you want to do the messy and complex build yourself.

Thank you!  Would it be possible for you to sign the binaries with the
PGP key (e.g., with the one mentioned below).  The thing is, that I'm
always a little bit reluctant to run binaries from unofficial
repositories.  With the veritable signature, we could be assured that
the file was not tempered by some else.

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