Pourdriere produces faulty build results due to bsd.openssl.mk bug

Yuri yuri at rawbw.com
Wed Apr 1 20:59:59 UTC 2015

I found that packages produced by poudriere likely link with base 
openssl, while port make likely links with the port openssl.
This is because of the lines in bsd.openssl.mk which check for the 
presence of openssl shared library and headers under PREFIX, and set 
WITH_OPENSSL_BASE when they aren't present. In case of port make files 
are likely present, and in case of poudriere build files are likely not 

Example is ftp/curl (with GSSAPI=NONE,  OPENSSL=yes options). *Poudriere 
produces curl library, that causes VirtualBox to break* due to the 
openssl base vs. port conflicts. See recent emulation@ ML threads. Port 
make produces curl library that works fine with VirtualBox.

I think both WITH_OPENSSL_BASE and WITH_OPENSSL_PORT should be retired, 
and code checking file presence also should be removed, and all ports 
should be made to build with an openssl port instead. Ports should never 
use base OpenSSL.

Only <100 ports touch WITH_OPENSSL_... variables. Somebody who is able 
to make such decisions and has the commit bit should bit should look 
into this. Otherwise, massively faulty package repositories are produces.


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