Caveat: Firefox and Thunderbird not working with latest GTK

Dave freebsd01 at
Mon Nov 24 17:08:46 UTC 2014

On Monday 24 November 2014 11:40:56 Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> Hello.
> The box is a 9.3/i386 and I'm using portupgrade to compile ports from
> source; the desktop environment is XFCE.
> Yesterday evening I updated some unrelated ports and some dependencies
> of Firefox and Thunderbird were updated: after that, those two
> applications were not running properly.
> The main window would come up, but never be updated anymore; if I typed
> on the keyboard I could perceive something happening under the hood
> (other windows popping up, network packets flowing), but I would see
> nothing on the screen (the main window would stay exactly as it was when
> it opened).
> I removed all extensions, but to no avail.
> I tried "portupgrade -Rf thunderbird firefox" and let the box compile
> all night, but again, no luck.
> So I downgraded all the ports that had been updated and FF and TB
> started working again.
> Then I began updating them one at a time and found the culprit to be
> gtk: when upgrading from 2.24.22_4 to 2.24.25 I get the behaviour
> described above; after downgrading, both programs work again.
> I did the same test on another box (10.0/amd64) and got the same results.

I found the same here with regard to news/pan. 

FreeBSD 9.3, AMD64 here.

The stalled GUI update symptom occurs after using the search feature.  The 
mouse pointer changes from text selection on moving across the search text box 
to the paintbrush "clear" button and clicking that button brings the GUI 
updates back to life.

I'll try the gtk downgrade and report back.

> Right now I'm running the old version of GTK and I'm fine.
> I'm unsure whether to file a bug report, tough, since I have no further
> info to include; OTOH, maybe I'm doing something wrong...
> I'm willing to do any testing if someone can suggest what to try and
> where to look.
>   bye & Thanks
> 	av.
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