Caveat: Firefox and Thunderbird not working with latest GTK

Koop Mast kwm at
Mon Nov 24 19:02:10 UTC 2014

On 24-11-2014 18:08, Dave wrote:
> On Monday 24 November 2014 11:40:56 Andrea Venturoli wrote:
>> Hello.
>> The box is a 9.3/i386 and I'm using portupgrade to compile ports from
>> source; the desktop environment is XFCE.
>> Yesterday evening I updated some unrelated ports and some dependencies
>> of Firefox and Thunderbird were updated: after that, those two
>> applications were not running properly.
>> The main window would come up, but never be updated anymore; if I typed
>> on the keyboard I could perceive something happening under the hood
>> (other windows popping up, network packets flowing), but I would see
>> nothing on the screen (the main window would stay exactly as it was when
>> it opened).
>> I removed all extensions, but to no avail.
>> I tried "portupgrade -Rf thunderbird firefox" and let the box compile
>> all night, but again, no luck.
>> So I downgraded all the ports that had been updated and FF and TB
>> started working again.
>> Then I began updating them one at a time and found the culprit to be
>> gtk: when upgrading from 2.24.22_4 to 2.24.25 I get the behaviour
>> described above; after downgrading, both programs work again.
>> I did the same test on another box (10.0/amd64) and got the same results.
> I found the same here with regard to news/pan.
> FreeBSD 9.3, AMD64 here.
> The stalled GUI update symptom occurs after using the search feature.  The
> mouse pointer changes from text selection on moving across the search text box
> to the paintbrush "clear" button and clicking that button brings the GUI
> updates back to life.
> I'll try the gtk downgrade and report back.

Or update the gtk20 port to 2.24.25_1.  This should fix the UI update 
issues in firefox.


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