Caveat: Firefox and Thunderbird not working with latest GTK

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Mon Nov 24 10:41:02 UTC 2014


The box is a 9.3/i386 and I'm using portupgrade to compile ports from 
source; the desktop environment is XFCE.

Yesterday evening I updated some unrelated ports and some dependencies 
of Firefox and Thunderbird were updated: after that, those two 
applications were not running properly.
The main window would come up, but never be updated anymore; if I typed 
on the keyboard I could perceive something happening under the hood 
(other windows popping up, network packets flowing), but I would see 
nothing on the screen (the main window would stay exactly as it was when 
it opened).

I removed all extensions, but to no avail.
I tried "portupgrade -Rf thunderbird firefox" and let the box compile 
all night, but again, no luck.
So I downgraded all the ports that had been updated and FF and TB 
started working again.
Then I began updating them one at a time and found the culprit to be 
gtk: when upgrading from 2.24.22_4 to 2.24.25 I get the behaviour 
described above; after downgrading, both programs work again.

I did the same test on another box (10.0/amd64) and got the same results.

Right now I'm running the old version of GTK and I'm fine.
I'm unsure whether to file a bug report, tough, since I have no further 
info to include; OTOH, maybe I'm doing something wrong...
I'm willing to do any testing if someone can suggest what to try and 
where to look.

  bye & Thanks

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