Request for (i386) testing: american fuzzy lop

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Thu Nov 20 15:02:20 UTC 2014

Vitaly Magerya <vmagerya at> wrote:

> On 2014-11-20 14:43, Fabian Keil wrote:> Quoting the pkg-descr:
> > | American fuzzy lop is a fuzzer that employs a novel type of compile-time
> > | instrumentation and genetic algorithms to automatically discover clean,
> > | interesting test cases that trigger new internal states in the targeted
> > | binary. This substantially improves the functional coverage for the
> > | fuzzed code.
> > |
> > | WWW:
> I very much welcome this effort; I myself have tried to create a port
> for it, but it required a whole lot of hacks (AFL is intertwined with
> internals of GCC, which I failed to make work); I ended up needing
> to rewrite it's assembly filters in a fairly hackish way... Can't
> remember precisely what the problem was though.

0.57b and later have "[f]ixes to make things work on FreeBSD and
OpenBSD: use_64bit is inferred if not explicitly specified when
calling afl-as".

If you started with an earlier release, this might have been the problem.
> > The shar file is available at:
> >
> > 
> > The port is supposed to work on amd64 and i386 but so far
> > it has only been tested on amd64 (with 64bit binaries).
> I don't know what this part is supposed to do:
>     # Workaround to make sure clang isn't confused for gcc
> ... but it seems to set CC to empty string on my machine; and I
> get a whole bunch of this as the result:


It was supposed to set CC for gmake to either clang or gcc,
otherwise a cc that is clang is treated as gcc.

However clobbering CC directly is obviously wrong and on
systems where cc is still gcc, the workaround shouldn't
be necessary anyway.

Does it work for you if you replace the line with:

And if not, does it work if you remove it completely?

>     --version: not found
>     make: "/usr/ports/Mk/Uses/" line 66: warning:
>     " --version" returned non-zero status
> I also get this:
> > ===>  Building for afl-0.60b
> > gmake[2]: Entering directory '/tmp/ports/security/afl/work/afl-0.60b'
> > [*] Checking for the ability to compile x86 code...
> > gcc: not found
> > 
> > Oops, looks like your compiler can't generate x86 code.
> > 
> > (If you are looking for ARM, see experimental/arm_support/README.)
> > 
> > Makefile:46: recipe for target 'test_x86' failed
> > gmake[2]: *** [test_x86] Error 1
> > gmake[2]: Leaving directory '/tmp/ports/security/afl/work/afl-0.60b'
> > ===> Compilation failed unexpectedly.
> Missing GCC dependency?

The base compiler should be fine, this is probably just the
fallout of the clobbered CC.
> (This is all on 10.0-RELEASE amd64).

Thanks for testing.

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