reason 23 why we've moved to linux

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Mar 22 19:14:48 UTC 2014

> Ok then, well then you should be using pkg if you want to do a fair 
> apples to apples comparison.

as i said, pkg also fails every day in weird and wonderful ways.

> That is quite annoying!  I don't happen to use FreeBSD update, but 
> honestly posting a log of this as a fresh message to the lists (without 
> the vitriol) might get you some attention.

i do not want attention.  i want things to just frelling work.

> I happened to have a huge problem with the installer, posted about it
> and no one did anything until I posted a pretty hilarious screencast
> of me trying to use it while it did everything in its power to do
> anything BUT partition disks.

talk about having to stand on your left foot while chewing gum.  you had
to make a movie to get someone to look at a bug.  and you're proud of it?

my point is simple.

there will always be a few bugs.  otoh, with freebsd ports, there may be
a few working paths, but they are damned hard to find.  and there is
very viable competition.  many long time freebsd users are leaving, yes
sadly, but leaving.  the window is closing.


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