net/avahi-app core dumps signal 11

Robert Burmeister Robert.Burmeister at
Mon Jan 27 05:10:30 UTC 2014

> Have the same problem... BUT on test machine (updated from 9.2-REL) it
> works perfectly but when updated working machine (from 9.2-REL too) to
> 10.0 it started to segfault!
> Now I end up with test machine with working avahi and production
> server which is can't run it

Thank you...  You notice that if you compile it on the 9.2 move it with
tar to 10.0  it works!!!

But if you compile on the 10.0 it segfaults, in a way that gdb is
useless as
it aborts BEFORE reaching the main() function...

IS there a GURU that can resolve this issue??? I need it working and
compiled on the version 10 of FreeBSD...

   This is a consequence of being removed
   and its functionality being moved into the base system with Clang.
   Leaving the converters/libiconv port installed on FreeBSD 10 will cause
   so your supposed to "pkg_delete -f libiconv" before "portupgrade -fa".
   are still trying to link to
   which breaks avahi-app.
   The relevant ports need to be updated to use iconv from base when
   compiled on FreeBSD10+.

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