net/avahi-app core dumps signal 11

Brad Karp bkarp at
Mon Jan 27 12:46:39 UTC 2014

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Robert Burmeister wrote:
> This is a consequence of being removed and its
> functionality being moved into the base system with Clang. Leaving
> the converters/libiconv port installed on FreeBSD 10 will cause 
> errors, so your supposed to "pkg_delete -f libiconv" before
> "portupgrade -fa". But, 
> etc., are still
> trying to link to which breaks avahi-app. The
> relevant ports need to be updated to use iconv from base when 
> compiled on FreeBSD10+.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I believe this is not the cause of the
SIGSEGV in avahi-daemon.

I was aware of the move of libiconv into the base system, and when I
upgraded to 10.0-RELEASE, did exactly as you suggest: I removed the
libiconv package and forced an upgrade of all ports, so that they'd
link against the base system's libiconv.

I've further verified with ldd "/usr/local/lib/lib*.so*" that I have
no shared libraries left in /usr/local/lib that were built with
dependencies on the old /usr/local/lib/ (That is, this
ldd command gives no "not found" errors.)

I therefore suspect that the cause lies elsewhere. Where exactly, I
have unfortunately not yet ascertained. Other suggestions, anyone?

(FWIW, there is also discussion of this problem, which is being
experienced by others, on the forums: .)

- -Brad

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