security/luasec needs bump to 0.5 - but there's no direct maintainer?

John Marino at
Fri Feb 7 13:56:19 UTC 2014

On 2/7/2014 14:43, Benjamin Podszun wrote:
> Hi.
> Change of mail address, new thread with a decent title (previously:
> prosody update, which is sort of independent as far as I've confirmed so
> far).
> With the attached patch luasec-0.5 builds & installs fine in my
> environment.
> IF (capitals used for a reason..) I understand the following output
> correctly, there's just one (known) consumer for that port:
> #pkg info -r lua51-luasec
> lua51-luasec-0.4:
>     prosody-0.9.2
> (where prosody in this case is already bumped to the last release, I'm
> trying to push that in [1], as a follow-up to a 0.9.1 bump that never
> landed)
> Would it be correct to assume that therefor the risk in bumping luasec
> is quite small, especially since I'm successfully _running_ prosody [2]
> using that port?
> Being utterly clueless: What's the right procedure to move forward,
> especially without a dedicated maintainer for that thing? Hoping for a
> sponsor on this list? Should I stop the discussion here and send a PR
> instead - hoping that someone accepts that one?
> Thanks a lot in advance,
> Ben

Hi Ben,
One approach is to submit this patch as a PR but add a change to make
the yourself the maintainer!  Then you're coming from a position of
authority that the port needs bumping.  :)

seriously, why not?

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