portupgrade and pkgng (again)

Alexey Dokuchaev danfe at nsu.ru
Sat Oct 12 07:36:47 UTC 2013

Hi there,

I have a remote -CURRENT box which i'd rather not src-update now (r248373,
ca. March).  Apparently it's recent enough to default to pkgng.

I wanted to upgrade some ports of mine today, and installed my favorite
portupgrade just to discover that it does not see any packages: it seems
to fail to parse /var/db/pkg/local.sqlite (convert it to its own pkgdb.db)
and reports that I have nothing installed.

Usual dances with adding WITH_PKGNG to make.conf, pkgdb -fu et al. did not
help.  Any clues?

One note: I have rather old version of pkg installed, pkg-1.0.7.  I may
try to forcibly deinstall it and reinstall from ports, but I want to be
sure doing so won't render my existing package database unusable.  Is it
safe (and worth) thing to do?



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