How to disable staging support in ports tree universally?

Stefan Esser se at
Sun Oct 13 09:52:32 UTC 2013

Am 12.10.2013 07:59, schrieb Jeremy Chadwick:
> So how do I stop this staging nonsense when it doesn't apply to any of
> my systems/environments?  I install third-party software directly from
> the ports tree, I DO NOT USE pkg, nor do I ever plan on using pkg given
> that I customise ports individually (through "make config" and some
> make.conf knobs) quite heavily.
> I want to know how to stop this excess waste of disk I/O when it doesn't
> apply to my environments/systems, and I'm sure many others do as well.

Staging is no "waste" of disk I/O, it has been implemented for
very good reasons.

If you are compiling ports on a system with slow disks, you may
consider moving STAGEDIR into a RAM disk or TMPFS.

I find the extra I/O to be negligible - most ports spend a magnitude
more time in GNU configure than in the staging phase.

Regards, STefan

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