Vim and Vim-lite ports broken options

Nikola Pavlović nzp at
Sat Jun 29 23:37:47 UTC 2013


Is it just me, or did the last revision[*] of editors/vim break options
for both it and editors/vim-lite?  When I try to update vim-lite
optional dependencies from vim are forced on this port, so I get
mandatory Python, Lua, Ruby... with vim-lite. :)

I only ever install vim-lite, so just out of curiosity I tried make
config in vim, and it said there are no options to configure, so
something is definitely wrong with that.

Yesterday I upgraded vim-lite on the same machine (in a different jail,
and outside) and it worked fine.

I couldn't spot the error immediately, and I'm not really up to
date with OptionsNG ATM to tinker.


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