Conversion to new options framework over

Kubilay Kocak koobs.freebsd at
Thu Jun 6 07:13:25 UTC 2013

On 6/06/2013 4:45 PM, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> Hi,
> A year ago exactly we imported a new options framework into the ports tree.
> I took us a year to convert the whole ports tree to the new options framework.
> What we have gain with the new framework:
> - more consistency (one single way to check for options)
> - 1-N group of option
> - only 1 among N group of option
> - 0-N group of options
> - 0 or 1 among N group of options
> clean ability to set options from make.conf without collisions with src options.
> A new option dialog able to represent all new kind of options.
> Thank you everyone for the effort allowing us to do that.
> The compatibility code to support the old OPTIONS macro has been removed.
> The compatibility code to parse the old options file (saved from previous make
> config) will remain for 6 months.
> The compatibility code to parse the WITH/WITHOUT entries in make.conf will be
> removed in 6 months either.
> Do not forget to convert your configuration (make.conf, portsconf etc). A
> reminder will be send a month before the removal of the compatibility code.
> Still open task
> For the sake of consistency: NOPORTEXAMPLES, NOPORTDOCS and WITHOUT_NLS, should
> be replaced by clean options so that we can have one true consisent way to set
> options for the ports tree.
> NOPORTDATA should die.
> should be improved to not fireup the option dialog in case of
> only global options to be set.
> the long very old (from old options time) but still valid bug about OPTIONSFILE
> not being consistent in case PKGNAMEPREFIX changes (py- for example) should be
> fixed.
> Thank you all,
> regards,
> Bapt

Great job bapt, portmgr@ team and everyone who contributed to the evolution.

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