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Baptiste Daroussin bapt at
Thu Jun 6 06:45:15 UTC 2013


A year ago exactly we imported a new options framework into the ports tree.
I took us a year to convert the whole ports tree to the new options framework.

What we have gain with the new framework:
- more consistency (one single way to check for options)
- 1-N group of option
- only 1 among N group of option
- 0-N group of options
- 0 or 1 among N group of options

clean ability to set options from make.conf without collisions with src options.

A new option dialog able to represent all new kind of options.

Thank you everyone for the effort allowing us to do that.

The compatibility code to support the old OPTIONS macro has been removed.
The compatibility code to parse the old options file (saved from previous make
config) will remain for 6 months.
The compatibility code to parse the WITH/WITHOUT entries in make.conf will be
removed in 6 months either.

Do not forget to convert your configuration (make.conf, portsconf etc). A
reminder will be send a month before the removal of the compatibility code.

Still open task
For the sake of consistency: NOPORTEXAMPLES, NOPORTDOCS and WITHOUT_NLS, should
be replaced by clean options so that we can have one true consisent way to set
options for the ports tree.
NOPORTDATA should die. should be improved to not fireup the option dialog in case of
only global options to be set.
the long very old (from old options time) but still valid bug about OPTIONSFILE
not being consistent in case PKGNAMEPREFIX changes (py- for example) should be

Thank you all,
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