Monitoring a switch

Mark Felder feld at
Mon Jan 14 12:38:36 UTC 2013

On Tue, 08 Jan 2013 12:30:25 -0600, Andrea Venturoli <ml at>  

> Hello.
> I'm looking for some software which can monitor a SNMP-enabled switch.
> Sure I can use Cacti to monitor bandwidth of every single port... or  
> Nagios to warn me if some port gets some defined amount of traffic for a  
> defined amount of time...
> I was wondering though, if there was some more specific tool which might  
> be faster to setup and would do some magic automatically, like computing  
> the total traffic flowing through, identifying bottlenecks, etc...

Observium might be something worth looking into. They generally want you  
to run the the latest commit to their svn repo, so I wouldn't recommend  
the version in ports right now.

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