Porting help requested

Hokan hokan at me.umn.edu
Tue Jan 8 19:40:53 UTC 2013

Hello Porters,

I'm working on updating the port sysutils/modules and am unsure how
to do something.

The port (tarfile attached) installs into ${PREFIX}/Modules/${PORTVERSION}
and creates a link ${PREFIX}/Modules/default that points to that install.
The point is to permit several installed versions of the software with
the link controlling which is used.

I want to make this updated port not conflict with any older version that
may be installed.

Here's my problems:

If an older version is installed my port fails because it can't create the
directory ${PREFIX}/Modules nor the link ${PREFIX}/Modules/default because
they already exist.  I don't know how to deal with this.

When deinstalling the port I want to remove ${PREFIX}/Modules/default if it's
pointing to the version I'm deinstalling, but leave it alone otherwise.

Please give me advice on how to proceed.


Beginning Porter

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