Status/version of graphics/png?

Chris Rees utisoft at
Fri Apr 26 15:48:18 UTC 2013

On 26 Apr 2013 13:05, "Thomas Mueller" <mueller6724 at> wrote:
> from Dirk Meyer:
> > Hallo Thomas Mueller,
> > > What is the status of graphics/png, now that FreeBSD 8.4_RC2 has been
released and the ports tree has been unfrozen?
> >
> > > Will it get the long overdue update to 1.6.x; how much regression
testing needs to be done?
> > 1.6.1 ist still fresh.
> > The API has removed all backwards comatibility.
> > >From the 5500 ports we have about 500 that can build with png 1.6.x.
> > The impact on the ports is still to much.
> > We would have to patch > 1000 autoconf scripts.
> > For now the FreeBSD port stay with 1.5.x.
> > It was discussed with mmembers from portmgs@ to wait with the update.
> > kind regards Dirk
> Any idea of when or if png will be updated, or what has to happen
regarding FreeBSD releases?
> There is also png 1.5.15 .
> I didn't know the API change was so radical; wonder how NetBSD pkgsrc was
able to update to 1.6.x so fast.
> It may be easier in Linux, since Linux is the primary platform of many
open-source software developers, and much such software is Linux-centric,
but I didn't think NetBSD would have an easier time than FreeBSD.  But then
I didn't try the update on NetBSD, so I don't know if it really works right.
> One could use NetBSD pkgsrc on FreeBSD, but it would be a shotgun
marriage, rough and not really designed for FreeBSD.
> NetBSD is unstable on my computer, Intel Sandy Bridge, often does not
even boot, hangs at the login prompt.

What new features are you trying to take advantage of with png?


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