Status/version of graphics/png?

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Sun Apr 28 06:42:49 UTC 2013

from Chris Rees:

> What new features are you trying to take advantage of with png?

I went to the libpng website and couldn't find the desired changelog, but found libpng 1.4.x and 1.5.x were still in active development, and there was also a beta 1.7.0 .  1.6.2 is the latest release.

I notice that, since I sent my last message, FreeBSD ports upgraded to png 1.5.15 .

So I don't really know about the differences in features between the various releases.

I follow changes to both FreeBSD ports and NetBSD pkgsrc daily, some time after midnight UTC, notice there are usually many more additions to FreeBSD ports than to NetBSD pkgsrc.


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