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   secure him, and at last the animal allowed Rogero to seize his rein.
   The fearless Rogero hesitated not to vault upon his back, and let him
   feel his spurs, which so roused his mettle that, after galloping a
   short distance, he suddenly spread his wings, and soared into the
   air. Bradamante had the grief to see her lover snatched away from
   her at the very moment of reunion. Rogero, who knew not the art of
   directing the horse, was unable to control his flight. He found
   himself carried over the tops of the mountains, so far above them that
   he could hardly distinguish what was land and what water. The
   Hippogriff directed his flight to the west, and cleaved the air as
   swiftly as a new-rigged
   its b   sound like that which issues from burning wood seemed to come from the
   myrtle-tree, at first faint and indistinct, but growing stronger by
   degrees, and at length was audible as a voice which spoke in this
   manner: "O knight, if the tenderness of your heart corresponds to
   the beauty of your person, relieve me, I pray you, from this
   tormenting animal. I suffer enough inwardly without having outward
   evils added to my lot."
   deliverance, and lay prostrate in the dust the traitor who has
   snatched him from you, and now holds him in chains!" Merlin ceased
   with these words, and left to Melissa, the priestess, the charge of
   more fully instructing the maiden in her future course.
   "To-morrow," said she, "I will conduct you to the castle on the
   rock where Rogero is held captive. I will not leave you till I have
   guided you through this wild wood, and I will direct you on your way
   so that you shall be in no danger of mistaking it."
   have of him, mounted as we are both on one feeble animal."
   Sacripan   courser, and attempted to seize his bridle, but the disdainful animal,
   turning from him, launched at him a volley of kicks enough to have
   shattered a wall of marble. Bayard then approached Angelica with an
   air as gentle and loving as a faithful dog could his master after a
   long separation. For he remembered how she had caressed him, and
   even fed him, in Albracca. She took his bridle in her left hand,
   while with her right she patted his neck. The beautiful animal,
   gifted with wonderful intelligence, seemed to submit entirely.
   Sacripant, seizing the moment to vault upon
   city of Bordeaux, where the rich and wide river Garonne pours the
   tribute of its waves into the sea. They parted with tender
   embraces. Bradamante, intent wholly on her purpose, hastened to
   arrive at the hostelry, where Brunello had preceded her a few moments
   only. The young heroine knew him without difficulty. She accosted
   him, and put to him some slight questions, to which he replied with
   adroit falsehoods. Bradamante, on her part, concealed from him her
   sex, her religion, her country, and the blood from whence she
   sprung. While they talk together, sudden cries are heard from all
   parts of the hostelry. "O queen of heaven!" exclaimed
   Bradamante, "what can be the cause of thi

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