FreeBSD Port: apache-2.4.X & php5-5.4.X

alexus alexus at
Wed Mar 14 16:56:41 UTC 2012

hey, nothing wrong with jumping up and down :))

I'm not looking for a custom package. What I am looking (and a lot of
other users out there) is:
mod_php & php-fpm as a separate mainstream package without using /usr/ports
mod_php is a must, right now the only way to reach that functionality
is to use /usr/ports (or build it from source)
php-fpm is just another way to accomplish php functionality in apache
some users would prefer php-fpm over mod_php, some would prefer the other way
but at this very moment neither of those solution is available through
package only through /usr/porsts
since this module is its own separate package admin who doesn't
require this functionality obviously doesn't have to install this

On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 4:08 AM, Alex Dupre <ale at> wrote:
> alexus wrote:
>> slightly off topic yet still _VERY_ important peace and _VERY_ widely
>> used is mod_php. I know that was discussed about million times through
>> mailing lists and other ways
> Exactly, so why are you jumping on for the million and one time? If you
> want custom packages set up your own tinderbox or package builder machine.
> --
> Alex Dupre


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