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Wed Mar 14 07:57:48 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Our openssh-portable port hasn't been updated to 5.9p1, so I took advantage 
of a free evening to see if I could update it. Unfortunately Simon 
Wilkinson's GSSAPI patch no longer applies, as it hasn't been updated since 
OpenSSH 5.8. It has been superceeded by the NCSA GSI patch, 
which not only include the Wilkinson's GSSAPI Patch but also the HPN patch, 
among others. Unfortunately this patch also conflicts with some of our own 
FreeBSD patches in the port. What I propose to do is remove the GSSAPI 
patch from security/openssh-portable and for those who need the GSSAPI 
server key exchange, create a new port (through a repocopy of course) which 
includes the GSI patch with reworked FreeBSD patches resolving 
patch conflicts, calling it security/openssh-portable-gsi. Does this make 
any sense to anyone?

Or, instead of the above, just include the GSI patch by default in a 
one-size-fits-all openssh-portable port? (Meaning that the GSI patch is 
applied regardless.) Does this make more sense to people?

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