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Antoine Martin antoine at
Fri Feb 4 07:15:09 UTC 2011

On 02/04/2011 06:53 AM, Steve Wills wrote:
> On 02/03/11 15:15, Antoine Martin wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I only just noticed that you've added a port for xpra.
>> I wasn't aware of that and you're pointing to the source on my server,
>> so I guess that it means I have to be careful not to remove it from now on?
> The files should eventually get automatically mirrored to the FreeBSD
> ftp server at (and it's mirrors), so worst case users
> get it from there, but it's always nice to get it from the originator.
OK, I normally move old source releases to /old/ eventually.
I guess I can still do that as long as the port file has been updated to
use the newer source snapshots? Is it ok to remove source for
out-of-date port files like that? Or is this frowned upon? Is there a
policy at all?

>> In the future, a simple notification email could prevent me from
>> breaking stuff unintentionally.
> Noted. I only used that source because it compiled properly (due to your
> changes), which the source hosted at Google Code didn't. I can mirror a
> copy on my server and point users to that if you like.
Upstream seems very slow at merging fixes and enhancements, not sure
why. I don't have any problems with ports pointing to my server. :)

>> FYI: the current version in:
>> is and it fixes a number of bugs, you should probably bump
>> the port to this version.
> I'll work on that, thanks for the heads up. I hadn't seen a notice to
> the parti-discuss list, which is where I saw your source originally.
Hah, ok. Since upstream doesn't merge fixes very often, I don't always
post updated patches there. I'll make sure to ping you from now on if
you like.
This normally coincides with a winswitch release, that I post here:

>> One question: what would I have to do to get winswitch also into ports?
>> It's trivial to install compared to xpra (as it's pure python), but it
>> would still be nicer for users to get it all directly from ports.
> It would just take someone writing a port for it and submitting it. I
> will work on that, but if you beat me to it I won't be offended.
Great, keep me posted, I may yet find the time to look into it. (it's
been on my todo list for over a year now..)


> Thanks for the info!
> Steve

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