FreeBSD Port: xpra-

Kurt Jaeger pi at
Fri Feb 4 08:49:42 UTC 2011


> >> I only just noticed that you've added a port for xpra.
> >> I wasn't aware of that and you're pointing to the source on my server,
> >> so I guess that it means I have to be careful not to remove it from now on?
> > 
> > The files should eventually get automatically mirrored to the FreeBSD
> > ftp server at (and it's mirrors), so worst case users
> > get it from there, but it's always nice to get it from the originator.

> OK, I normally move old source releases to /old/ eventually.
> I guess I can still do that as long as the port file has been updated to
> use the newer source snapshots?

There are always hosts out there that still have old port Makefiles
on their disks, so having a stable path would be useful.

E.g. on cpan, the files just are added to the directory, not moved
after newer ones are added.

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