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Fri Feb 4 00:27:17 UTC 2011

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On 02/03/11 15:15, Antoine Martin wrote:
> Hi there,
> I only just noticed that you've added a port for xpra.
> I wasn't aware of that and you're pointing to the source on my server,
> so I guess that it means I have to be careful not to remove it from now on?

The files should eventually get automatically mirrored to the FreeBSD
ftp server at (and it's mirrors), so worst case users
get it from there, but it's always nice to get it from the originator.

> In the future, a simple notification email could prevent me from
> breaking stuff unintentionally.

Noted. I only used that source because it compiled properly (due to your
changes), which the source hosted at Google Code didn't. I can mirror a
copy on my server and point users to that if you like.

> FYI: the current version in:
> is and it fixes a number of bugs, you should probably bump
> the port to this version.

I'll work on that, thanks for the heads up. I hadn't seen a notice to
the parti-discuss list, which is where I saw your source originally.

> One question: what would I have to do to get winswitch also into ports?
> It's trivial to install compared to xpra (as it's pure python), but it
> would still be nicer for users to get it all directly from ports.

It would just take someone writing a port for it and submitting it. I
will work on that, but if you beat me to it I won't be offended.

Thanks for the info!

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