FreeBSD Port: amule-10275

Anonymous swell.k at
Thu Sep 30 11:25:01 UTC 2010

Paolo Bormida <pbormida at> writes:

> I understand maintaing a port is an huge gift to the FreeBSD
> community, and gratitude goes to those, such as you, that do this
> job.

Keep the thanks for previous maintainers. It seems like I've contributed
only confusion.

> I have built and installed the port on SPARC64, on an headless Sun
> server (Fire V100) to run amuled and amuleweb only. Everything gone
> fine.
> I then installed amulegui from the Ubuntu Repository on a laptop I
> would use to manage the amuled on the server. Since the amuled on the
> SPARC server was based on the snapshot and the amulegui on Ubuntu on
> the 2.2.6 release, the gui refuses to connect to the server saying
> the protocol version isn't the same.

In such cases there are usually two ports, e.g.

  net-p2p/amule (latest release)
  net-p2p/amule-devel (svn snapshot)

Now, if you're willing to maintain non-devel port I can write you a diff
and request my pending repocopy in ports/150985 to include amule-devel.

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